Team Training / Development

Team Training

Organises and delivers team challenge days and events for groups, as well as working with businesses to develop and push their team morale whilst giving them a chance to open up in a challenging but safe environment. We use Experiential Learning to shape and develop your team, whilst allowing them the space they need to work together, which allows them to open up and develop.

These can be day events or multiple days, depending on the desired outcome. We work with you to put together a memorable experience that will boost your teams morale and test there skills at working as one cohesive unit.

Team Builds

You may just want a fun team build, which will help to revitalise and boost your teams morale and energy. Or the day may be focused more around leadership/task focused so we’ll write an exercise that’ll get the team engaged throughout the day. With the use of Experiential learning these days help to unlock the teams potential as well as bonding a stronger team.

If the day requires facilitated learning, then our  facilitation team comes with a wealth of experience of working with different clients from all types of sectors. They will be quietly shadowing the team around the various locations, observing and monitoring their progress offering advice/suggestions where appropriate.


Our technical team make the backbone of Rock n Ridge and all are highly qualified in the outdoors. The BMG and AMI badges are a sign of the highest qualifications in the world, when it comes to outdoor safety and instruction.

The team have a plethora of experience when it comes to working with a wide and varied range of clients from all walks of life. You can be assured that you are always in safe hands when your team are out and about, and they have a ready wit to lighten and diffuse a situation when needed.


Our aim is to match your training needs for your team, letting your team express themselves whilst working together, enabling them to see for themselves that getting out of their normal work environment and being tested and challenged whilst still being fun, has huge learning potential. For some people their own reflective retrospective thoughts continue long after their time in the field has ended.

Venue wise that will be your choice. We would love to see you and deliver the course in the Lake District, but realise that, that may not be appropriate due to work commitments and cost. So we can travel to your place of work, or maybe meet at a conference centre or hotel to deliver the program.

We have over a decade of experience in working in the corporate sector, and have worked along side businesses with a workforce of five to a thousand.

We offer a wide variety of courses, and offer a no nonsense approach to training your team. The corporate training world is full of ‘waffle’ and ‘theories’ we help to cut through that to get to the key learning points that’ll benefit your company, and thus equip your team with real life tools to take back into the work place to implement in their day to day working life.

We believe that the power of ‘Experiential Learning’ is huge on your team.

We see it time and time again that people just want to be out there doing things together, having memorable long lasting experiences that’ll turn into memories, working through problems to produce solutions. This creates stronger teams, longer lasting friendships and makes for a better-bonded and cohesive working environment.

Although short sessions are beneficial and needed at certain times, we feel that sitting in a classroom for hours on end being talked to, does not have the impact and engagement needed to awaken your team. We aim to engage your team with fun, creative, stimulating and challenging tasks and exercises some mental some physical, this really turns people on to the learning environment, and enables individuals to take a lead role and have a meaningful time, which in turn gives them longer lasting memories on ‘what’ they did as well as ‘how’ they went about it.


  • Teams bond
  • ‘One’ team
  • Building trust and relationships
  • Chance to be yourself
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Grow confidence
  • Improve communication
  • Chance to shine away from a work environment
  • Experiential approach
  • Blue sky thinking


We operate from a variety of different venues. Ideally we would love your team to come and appreciate the beautiful Lake District, but understand that may not be appropriate due to a number of factors. Therefore we offer a flexible approach when it comes to venues and location/s.

If coming to us we use a variety of trusted and established venues ranging from Hotels, Country Lodges, Glamping pods, Bunkhouses and Camping Barns. These are all chosen prior to the course depending on what you’d prefer combined with the type of course that we will be running for your team. Sometimes a combination of accommodation works best particularly if their ‘challenge’ takes them off the beaten track.

If coming to you again were flexible and will use your knowledge of the area and locations to pick a suitable venue. Alternatively you can leave it to us to arrange and organise, we’ll take care of it.

Working together to find solutions that’ll overcome obstacles