Rock n Ridge

Leading – Guiding – Instructing

Rock n Ridge offers professional outdoor instruction throughout the UK. We started running from our base in the Lake District in 2017. Paul the founder of RnR has worked in the outdoor sector since 2002.

Outdoor Instruction

The key focus is on professional and quality outdoor instruction. We work with one to one clients who may want, and prefer a more ‘focused’ days guiding. To smaller groups wanting to achieve something together in the outdoors. Likewise we also work with larger groups, who perhaps not only want to do something together as a team, but also want take away some learning from their day/s together.

Sharing our knowledge and experience with others is what we enjoy and excel at. From taster sessions to multi activity adventure days we have something for everybody.

Outdoor Activities

Rock Climbing, Mountain Hiking/Guiding, Abseiling, Canyoning are just some of the activities on offer. With over a decade of outdoor instruction under our belts, and a lifetime of being out ‘amongst it’. You can be certain you’ll receive the very best.

Alpine Training

We also provide Alpine Training and Alpine Courses for those thinking of heading out to the Alps. These days are run from the UK and offer you a chance to hone in on some essential Alpine skills before heading out for you’re big adventure. The outdoor instruction you’ll receive will be massively beneficial before heading out. These days are usually combined with you’re trip with us to the Alps. For example you may be heading out or thinking of heading out to achieve a 4,000m peak, or some Alpine skiing – back country or piste. We also arrange and book this for you, using our head British Mountain Guide Neil who is based just outside the Chamonix region.

Team Away!

Paul has worked with businesses organising and creating stimulating,  fun, and thought provoking day/s that’ll challenge you’re team. These days can be run from anywhere in the country, but we’d like to see you in the Lake District. And offer a chance to not only let the team have some fun in the great outdoors, but give them a chance to bond with the team and learn a little bit more about themselves and each other. As we hear from past clients they feel rejuvenated and take their memories and experiences back into the work place.

Outdoor Courses

We offer a wide variety of outdoor activities to suit all, and have worked in the outdoor sector since 2002. In that time we’ve worked with a wide variety of individuals and clients throughout the years.

Although not complete, we provide outdoor instruction to the activities listed. We are qualified and experienced in each and every one – mountain guiding, rock climbing, scrambling, ghyll and gorge walking, winter skills and many more. For further information check out our  Outdoor Activities UK  page.

Alpine Training

Our Alpine Training days offers outdoor instruction for you’re chosen discipline. This is a great chance to train for your Alpine trip right here in the UK. Gaining the valuable experience required before venturing out to complete your Alpine Wishlist. Some ideas include. Moving quicker on rock. Climbing techniques and rope work. Mixed terrain movement. Fitness and stamina training. Winter movement and ice climbing. Moving together as a pair. Roping up for glacier travel.

Alpine Courses

After the Alpine Training, we work with the BMG guides to bring you various Alpine Courses  Our head guide Neil Mackay based just outside the Chamonix region is a British Mountain Guide who knows the area very well. If Neil is not available we use a selected number of other BMG Guides for our Alpine courses. Not all the courses are listed so please get in touch for further information.

Adventure Days

For families and groups, we offer our Adventure Days These are multi activity days that all the family can take part in. They are also ideal for groups looking for something exciting to do whilst in the Lake District. These days are great as you get the chance to experience 3 different activities in one day. So you could be Rock Climbing and Absiling in the morning, and Canoeing in the afternoon. Outdoor instruction and all equipment and entrance fees are included in our price.

Team Away

For you’re team we offer our Team Away days. We like to use an experiential learning approach when it comes to these days. We  are happy to run the day from your location. Or better still we’d love to see you in the Lake District. It is possible to do a quick hit and just have one day away. These are great if time is tight. But to have more benefit we advise two days minimum. This will give a chance for the team to bond and get involved with the challenges more. We have written and delivered various programs to a wide range of clients.