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Winter walking and mountaineering in the UK requires respect, and the knowledge of unique winter skills. That’s why we advise enrolling on one of our Guided Winter Walking days,winter climbingor winter skills courses.

Winter hiking in the UK hills is very different to summer walking. The days are naturally shorter, but the journey is often longer as the terrain is harder going. The days can often have 4 seasons in one day. Everything from clear skies, blustery summits to hail and sleet. That’s what makes it so unique.

The hills in wintertime can be absolutely stunning! A cold crisp clear blue day is absolutely fantastic.  In contrast when the cloud and clag is in, sometimes you can only see the footsteps you’ve made. That’s why having some knowledge when it comes to winter skills is a must.

Guided Winter Walking:

Our Guided Winter Walking days are a great introduction to the winter hills. We will take the stress out of route planning and navigating whilst you concentrate on walking and enjoying the hills. In addition we’ll show you some basic winter skills, like how to use crampons and if needs be an ice axe. No technical ground will be covered on these days unless you request it. For more information and to book a course click here.

Winter Skills Courses:

Our Winter Skills Courses will give you the chance to get more involved with the skills needed to move independently in the hills at wintertime. Safe travel, moving on to steeper terrain, ice axe arresting and understanding the weather will be learnt on these courses. You’re winter walking and mountaineering will progress to the next level on this course. For more information and to book a course click here.

Winter Climbing:

Similarly our Winter Climbing courses offer a chance for maybe the first timer to give ice climbing a go! However, you may have done some winter climbing before and would like to gain more specific winter skills knowledge only found whilst winter climbing. For instance we could look at some of the rope work used whilst out climbing in the mountains. Alternatively you may want to learn more about the equipment used. All of this can be learnt in a day together with of course the essential climbing technique s used to climb steep ice / mixed ground. Our instructors are all professionally and highly qualified in this discipline.

In conclusion whatever you’re goal is we have a day to suit you. Whether it’s your first winter walking experience, through to a more experienced winter walker, looking to refresh their winter skills knowledge. Or even progress to the next level and give winter climbing a go we have it covered. For more information and to book a course click here.

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We generally run all our winter days and courses from January through to March/April depending on the snow of course. Scotland has the more reliable snow fall and snow cover levels, so this is where we predominantly run from. That said, the Lake District can get a good covering and so that is possible. Therefore we recommend getting in touch with you’re dates and requests before committing to book. We have a team of qualified and professional instructors, so rest assured your always in safe hands.


Pricing starts from as little as £50 per person per day. The more people book the cheaper it becomes. For the more technical winter climbing days, these are priced more due to the nature of the work.

Our instructor ratio is a maximum of 1:5 for our guided winter walking days and winter skills courses. And a maximum of 1:2 for our winter climbing days.  This we find offers the best learning possible, whilst still being able to maintain safety for the group.

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