Cuillin Ridge four-day Munro Course


A guided four-day course aimed at people who want to get onto the Black Cuillin Ridge. Enabling them to tick off all of the 11 Munros along the ridge.

Cuillin Ridge Munros:

The Black Cuillin Ridge has 11 Munros scattered across its jagged skyline ridge. We break the Munros down into more manageable, and achievable days.

That said you’ll still need to have a good level of fitness – hopefully around our Silver level – Click here to find out more. The days are still long and will involve lots of Scrambling on mountainous terrain. Usually the ridge will be narrow and a good head for exposure and heights really does help.

Our Guides of course will rope you up on the more technical parts so you’ve nothing to fear if you accidentally slip or trip.

We have put a suggested itinerary for our Cuillin Ridge Munro course. Although we will stick to it, depending on the weather, and the group’s wants, needs and abilities, we will adjust accordingly. So day 1 may become day 3 for example.

Day 1:

1. Sgur nan Eag 2. Sgurr Dubh Mor 3. Sgurr Alasdair

This is a good intro to the ridge. The southern end of the Black Cuillin Ridge is every bit as impressive as its northern counterpart. Making our way for Coire Ghrunnda, this is a good place to stop and admire the awesome scenery! After we are on the ridge proper, we head onto Sgurr Eag. We then backtrack and head up to Dubh Mor, before finishing on Alasdair. We head out via Coire Laggan.

Day 2:

4. Sgurr Mhic Choinnich 5. The ‘Inn Pinn’  6. Sgurr na Banachdich

After the previous days descent via Coire Laggan, we venture back into it and ascend by the An Stac screes. This then leads us to the col between the Inaccessible Pinnacle, and Mhic Choinnich. The ascent of this peak is quite tricky especially in the wet! So we break the rope out here to safeguard any possible errors. Once up and down, we make our way to the Inn Pinn and get ourselves into position. A full briefing and final check will be given before we ascend. Our Guides will put you at ease and offer expert tips, hints, and advice on the best way to tackle it. That’s the major difficulties out of the way for today, and we’ll pop over to Banachdich to bag this one before heading out through Coire a’Ghreadaidh.

Day 3:

7. Sgurr a’Ghreadaidh 8. Sgurr a’Mhadaidh

A slightly shorter day is day three. Although with two big days previously it’s still a tough one. Once up and into An Dorus gap, our Munros are left and right of the gap. Sgurr a’Mhadaidh is more technical than its neighbour, but pretty straight forward. Once we have summited on both we return via the same way.

Day 4:

9. Sgurr nan Gillean 10. Am Basteir 11. Bruach na Frithe

Our start point for the northern part of the Cuillin Ridge is the Sligachan. Making our way into Coire a’Bhasteir and then the summit of Gillean, via its west ridge. We can then have a rest at the col, before heading up the easy ramp onto Am Basteir, before tackling the infamous ‘Bad Step’. It’s then an easy walk up to Bruach na Frithe, after which we head back down. Mission accomplished.

view of the cuillin ridge traverse

Experience needed:

A good level of fitness is definitely needed, as the days are long and everyday we have to ascend and descend from valley level, onto the Cuillin Ridge and back down again. You don’t have to have done any roped climbing, but some scrambling experience would not go a miss. We can help with this and offer training days throughout the UK at a venue to suit you. Click here for Training days and fitness levels.

Prices and dates:

Four day Guided Cuillin Munro experience costs £485 per person with a maximum ratio of 1:3. Additional people are fine, but another Guide will be needed.

Dates – Again we will fit in with you’re preferred dates. Get in touch with you’re request and we’ll take it from there.

In addition to our four day Guided Cuillin Munro Course. We also run other Cuillin Ridge courses. For example see our Guided Cuillin Ridge Traverse – or our Guided ascent of the Inaccessible Pinnacle for more information.


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