Scafell Pike – 978m


Come and walk Scafell Pike – England’s highest mountain. Our route starts from Wasdale Head. Tackling Scafell Pike from Wasdale Head is an ‘easier approach’ and definitely the quickest.

It’s in the name…

It’s meaning is said to derive from old Norse, and means the fell with the shieling. Or the fell with the bald summit.

Walking Scafell Pike commands respect, and with any mountain weather conditions can change when hiking Scafell Pike.  Therefore we will provide you with recommended kit list. On request, we will send this out at time of booking.

Due to the walks length, Ideally you should be hovering around, or at our Bronze fitness level. This means you’ll get the most out of your time up Scafell Pike. That said if you’re not then it obviously can still be climbed, but is harder and just takes longer.

Of course that said, we have guided people of all ages and abilities up this mountain, over our 2 decades of guiding in the hills of UK and Europe. Therefore you’ll always be in safe hands with our highly experienced and qualified instructors.

Scafell Pike is generally walked in the spring/summer months of the Lake District. Likewise Scafell Pike can be climbed in the winter months too. This is a different undertaking, as the days are shorter and colder. Snow also makes the journey far harder than the spring/summer months. Whereby extra winter clothing is needed. Again full kit list will be sent out on booking confirmation.


Likewise Scafell Pike can be approached by other routes. We can start from Brotherilkeld, near the village of Boot in the Western Lake District. This is a great way to approach but due to the length, adds extra time and distance to your day.

A similar route in distance, and one that is as equally popular, is approaching from the village of Seathwaite in Keswick, in the northern Lake District. This route leads on to the Corridor Route, a beautiful and winding approach that cuts through some beautiful mountain scenery. Whichever route you choose, or similarly you may want us to choose,  then rest assured you’ll have a great day.

Ordnance survey map showing Scafell Pike Walking Route



A £50 deposit books a place. Either by the PayPal button, or give us a call.

Family deal is: £40 per adult £20 per child up to 12 years. Minimum 4 persons.

Prices quoted are per person. Fee includes guide rate, and kit hire:

1 person: £160

2 persons: £80

3 persons: £70

4 persons: £60

5 persons: £50

6 persons: £45

7 or more persons: £40


* Max group size is 11 persons for one instructor.