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Paul Bedford – Owner


Outdoor Activities for all

I decided to start my own mountain guiding business back in 2003. Albeit it was under a different name then, the ideas were the same. I wanted to provide various outdoor activities to all comers teach a bunch of useful stuff to people when they come on a course, so they can take away and put into real life practice later. And of course, have a blast whilst doing this.

After friends and colleagues kept telling me to ‘just do it’ I, after many years of deliberation, decided to go full time back in 2017, and haven’t looked back since.


I qualified to be a Mountain Instructor and a full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors back in 2010, and became a Winter Mountain Leader in 2014. The qualifications are vital to ensure people’s safety and well being whilst out mountain guiding. That said and I’m strong believer in this that it takes years before and after the qualifications have finished, to actually gain the ‘Mountain experience’ necessary to guide people safely in the hills. In 2018 I joined the Patagonia and Black Diamond pro scheme, and wear and endorse both brands of clothing and equipment. And for many years have been a friend and advocate for Pacerpoles. A local company based in Windermere that after using every other possible brand of trekking poles in the business over many years, have found these to be the best. 

Mountains: outdoor activities

The question I often get when I’m out is ‘how long have I climbed/mountaineered for’?  Well my earliest recollection of that is being about six years old carrying a rucksack all the way around the shores of Buttermere. Apparently I wouldn’t give it up or put it down all day. A determination that has carried on throughout my adult life. The Rock Climbing came about when I was at school, but then picked it back up when I was about 18. A guy there was keen on climbing and we paired up and had many adventures together in the Lakes, Snowdonia and Scotland. Sharing many epics together (makes you stronger and builds your ‘Mountain experience’) From here the next challenge was the Alps, and then later on the Himalayas. Tick lists featured later on in my mountaineering career, and I went on to complete the Wainwrights round twice, and the whole of the Classic Rock ticks, and half of the Hard Rock climbs. I’m slowly bagging the Munros, although it never started that way, (that’s what they all say!) And there’s always a peak or a rock face that catches my eye.

Neil Mackay – Alpine Guide


Mountain Guiding

Neil is a full member of the BMG – The British Mountain Guides. He followed in his dad’s footsteps, and like his dad became a BMG qualified guide, which to date they are the only pair in the BMG guides.

The BMG qualification is the highest mountaineering qualification in the world, and means that Neil can guide professionally anywhere around the globe. Neil splits his time living in the UK and the Alps. His base in Argentiere outside the amazing resort of Chamonix, is a perfect base. Rock n Ridge recommends Neil to clients, whether it’s their first time to the Alps or maybe a little more seasoned and want to challenge themselves on the bigger peaks, Neil is the man for the job.

Early days:

Paul and Neil first crossed paths at Outward Bound in the Lakes back in 2002. They climbed and mountaineered together, and also delivered outdoor activities to various school, youth and adult groups that visited the centre. This was a valuable grounding for their outdoor development and helped shape them for there own self employed mountain careers.


As well as Climbing and Mountain Guiding, Neil has a passion for Skiing. This he does to a high standard, and he guides people on and off the piste ski touring and mountaineering.

Together they offer and deliver outdoor activities from the UK, Europe and further a field. Having Neil on board means that not only are clients receiving the highest level of mountain guiding whilst out and about, but they get an English speaking guide who knows what they want.

Outdoor Activities

Below is a list of tome of the outdoor activities that we offer. This is not inclusive but covers the most popular outdoor activities.

Mountain Guiding outdoor activities

As the name suggests, we offer guided hiking/mountaineering anywhere in the UK, and Europe. This covers mountains like Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis, and Mont Blanc. We can organise and climb any mountain you fancy. See here for more info.


Covers the ground between hiking and pure Rock Climbing. We offer one to four day Scrambling courses, anywhere throughout the UK. See here for more info.

Rock Climbing outdoor activities

Beginners through to seasoned climbers we cover it all. From mountain cliffs to sea cliffs, single and multi pitch we offer something for everyone. From one to one to groups of 20+ See here for more info.

Ghyll/Gorge Walking & Canyoning

This sport has increased in popularity over the years. Different than Coasteering as it’s not done in the ocean. It’s similar though as you put a wetsuit on and either go down with the water course, or up it. This is either Canyoning or Ghyll/Gorge walking. See here for more info.

Alpine Training

We train people on skills needed when going out to the Alps or further a field. We have provided training over the years for people wanting rope work skills and know how heading for the Alps, and the Himalayas. Fixed ropes, what kit to carry and crevasse rescue are some of the topics taught. See here for more info.

Climb a 4,000m Peak

This is our newest addition, although it’s something we offered in the past people didn’t really know about it via our site. We offer full training packages to take someone from the couch to the summit of a 4km peak.

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