Ghyll, Gorge, Canyoning

Ghyll scrambling, Gorge walking, and Canyoning in the Lake District. Different names but they all the same sport.  from Gorge walking, and Ghyll scrambling you climb up with the flow of the water. Canyoning follows the water down stream.

Rock n Ridge has been operating in the various Ghylls’, Gorges and Canyons of the Lake District for over 2 decades.  Because we can operate from all of the ‘classic’ Lake District Gorges. Likewise you can choose the venue if you have one in mind then just let us know. Alternatively we can arrange everything and choose the venue to suit the group.

The Venues:


Stickle Ghyll Langdale:

Stickle Ghyll in Langdale is a popular choice with groups. It’s a lovely place and if time permits can be made longer or started from the upper section. Therefore this gives more of a challenge, as the water falls are larger and steeper. In addition to this the whole Ghyll can be done but is a much longer day.

Church Beck – Coniston:

This is a super exciting Canyon and you can see some of the pictures taken from Church Beck on this page. Besides this being a beautiful place, it can get very busy with other groups. There are jumps, slides, and lowers, all of which builds in getting you to the ‘big slide’ as the grand finale.

Stoney Croft – Keswick:

Situated outside Keswick, Stoney croft Ghyll is brilliant. Run, as a Canyon trip it’s great fun. There are lot’s of slides and shoots in this Canyon. Similarly to Church this can get very busy in peak season. It has the aptly named ‘Dolly Tub’ or ‘Washing Machine’ section, whereby in high water it can get pretty exciting! In addition to the ‘tub’ it also has lots of twists, turns and is a pretty unique place to be.

Esk Ghyll/Gorge:

Possibly the most talked about Ghyll/Gorge in the Lake District, is of course the Esk. Situated in the valley of Brotherilkeld this one takes the most time as it’s a fair walk – about 50 minutes. Once there though, the scenery is amazing and the Ghyll/Gorge is tough and full of surprises. A choice of different sized jumps into deep pools kicks this one off and leads you up into the main falls proper. After that you can carry on and on, where the climbs get steeper and the challenges become harder and harder. Because this has a long walk in, it is longer than our normal Ghyll days. Therefore this is a half day’s adventure.

Fishers – St. Johns

Ghyll scrambling in the lake district doesn’t get much better than this. It can either be run in ascent or decent. The ascent can be used by all ages and bits added or avoided depending on the group. In descent it gives a great canyoning trip which is really long! The canyon provides abseil after abseil some extending to 30 metres in length. This is a serious trip and so a 1:3 maximum ratio and experience in a ghyll/canyoning is advised. This can be run as a BIG 3/4 day Canyoning in the Lake District trip. Get in touch for more information.

Other venues:

Apart from the well used venues mentioned above, we like to get off the tourist track and use different venues. This gives our guides options, and also; we believe gives the other venues a chance to breathe again.

We have a few off the beaten track venues that are exceptional. For example and we think a first, but a chance to zip line 40m across a roaring Canyon! You’ll have to book to find out more…

gorge walking-scrambling lake-district



We use the very best kit for ghyll/gorge scrambling so you get a better experience when doing this activity.

Please see below for the Ghyll/Gorge and Canyoning kit we feel necessary for you to have a good day.

Rock n Ridge will provide the following kit:

  • Helmet
  • Harness (if appropriate to venue)
  • All climbing equipment (appropriate to venue)
  • Buoyancy aid
  • Wet suit-These really help keep you warmer.
  • Dry cagoule – Depending on venue/weather.

You will need to bring:

  • Any medication
  • Glasses can be worn, or contacts, but may fall out when submerged.
  • Towel-Important.
  • Spare/change of clothing
  • Footwear – This is the most essential bit of kit. Remember these will get WET!!Please do not bringsandals and or those silly wet suit shoes/boots-they do not work.

Walking boots, or trainers are ideal, wellington boots work well too.

  • Shorts/board shorts to go over the wetsuit
  • Food and drink/money for the day.

Price & Booking:

Prices start from £45 per person for a group of 4 persons.

A £50 deposit is required to book a place. See our Contact and Pricing page for more details.

For larger groups please get in touch for pricing.

We can accommodate 1-1 to large group sizes. You can also check out our booking information here.


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ghyll scrambling in the lake district. Also known as canyoning.
ghyll scrambling in the lake district and canyoning in church beck