Cuillin ridge isle of skye

The Cuillin Ridge – Isle of Skye

Hiring a Mountain Guide when attempting the Cuillins is a sound choice. Our clients say this after they have come back from their trip.

 The Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye is the main event when it comes to scrambling in the UK.

Rock n Ridge runs a number of the most requested Cuillin Ridge trips and uses experienced, friendly and knowledgeable Mountain Guides for your trip.

There are 11 Munro tops on the Cuillin Ridge, and this is one place where people feel that hiring a mountain Guide to take them across the Cuillins is essential. The terrain is hard, tricky and requires rope experience to negotiate.

We run the following trips:

In addition, we also offer bespoke trips up any of the climbs, peaks, or sections that the Cuillin Ridge has to offer. Just get in touch.

Fitness levels:

The Black Cuillins  are NOT to be taken lightly, and a good level of fitness is required. On our Alpine section we explain the different levels, and recommend being at a Bronze level before heading onto the Cuillins. Prior to your Cuillin Ridge experience, you can hire one of our Mountain Guides for a day’s practice/tune up. This will be beneficial before heading onto the ridge proper.


The Cuillins are the most complicated and technical ridge the UK has to offer. But don’t worry our Mountain Guides will take care of the route finding and rope work on your chosen day. See our pages above for further details and information on the Cuillin Ridge.