Team Away Days

Rock n Ridge organising and delivering  Team Away Days for groups. We work with your business to develop and push you’re teams morale whilst giving them a chance to open up in a challenging but safe environment. We use Experiential Learning to shape and develop your team, whilst allowing them the space they need to work together, which allows them to open up and develop.

These can be one day events or multiple days, depending on the desired outcome. We work with you to put together a memorable experience that will boost your teams morale and test there skills at working as one cohesive unit.


Our aim is to match your training needs for your team, letting your team express themselves whilst working together. Your team out of a work environment, will excel as we see this time and time again. Being pushed and challenged out of work has huge benefits. As one London group once said. “I’ve spoke to my team more whilst being out in a Canoe, then i have in the two years i’ve worked for the company”  For some people their own reflective retrospective thoughts continue long after their time in the field has ended.

“We offer a wide variety of courses, and offer a no nonsense approach to training your team. The corporate training world is full of ‘waffle’ and ‘theories’ we help to cut through that to get to the key learning points that’ll benefit your company, and thus equip your team with real life tools to take back into the work place to implement in their day to day working life”.
“The power of ‘Experiential Learning’ is huge on your team”.

Getting out

We see it time and time again that people just want to be out there doing things together, being challenged. We let the group work through problems themselves, which turn into solutions, and success!

This creates stronger teams, longer lasting friendships and makes for a better-bonded and cohesive working environment.


Although short ‘classroom’ based sessions are beneficial and needed at certain times. From our observations with groups, we feel that it’s all about getting out there. Being talked to for hours on end disengages people, and lacks the engagement needed to awaken your team.


We aim to engage your team with fun, creative, stimulating and challenging tasks and exercises. By using the outdoor environment, this gives us opportunity to get you’re team going! We give everybody a chance to step up and take lead role, as well as being able to observe.



Benefits of Team Away days

Kolb’s learning cycle

Stage of group development


  • Teams bond
  • ‘One’ team
  • Building trust and relationships
  • Chance to be yourself
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Grow confidence
  • Improve communication
  • Chance to shine away from a work environment
  • Experiential approach
  • Blue sky thinking


We operate from a variety of different venues. Ideally we would love your team to come and appreciate the beautiful Lake District. But understand that may not be appropriate due to a number of factors. Therefore we offer a flexible approach when it comes to venues and locations.

If coming to us we use a variety of trusted and established venues. These range from Hotels, to Country Lodges, Glamping pods, Bunkhouses and Camping Barns. It’s up to you. Sometimes a combination of accommodation works best particularly if their ‘challenge’ takes them off the beaten track.

Alternatively you may prefer the course to be run from your location? This is fine and can be discussed to your requirements.

“Working together to find solutions that’ll overcome obstacles”