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We offer Scrambling days, classic Scrambles and Scrambling courses throughout the UK. If you’re new to the sport, then why not book on one of our scrambling for beginners courses? Likewise you may have done Scrambling before and know what an amazing experience it is, but want to learn more? If this is the case we suggest one of our rope work and movement days. In fact these days are perfect to learn how to safe guard you and you’re partner safely whilst out Scrambling.


Scrambles in the UK are graded from 1 -3. One being the easiest, two requires more thinking about. These are covered in our scrambling for beginners courses. And three being the hardest. Grades 2/3 will generally need the use of a rope to safe guard slips/trips.

From here on in it becomes a graded Rock Climb. Examples of a grade one Scrambles would include: Helvellyn via Striding / Swirral edges, Blencathra via Sharp Edge, Snowdon via Crib Goch in Wales, and Beinn Alligin, the Horns of Alligin in Scotland.

A grade two Scramble includes: Cam Crag ridge in the Lake District, Bryant’s Gully in Wales, Aonach Eagach in Glencoe, An Teallach, classic traverse or Forcan ridge all in Scotland.

In contrast a grade three scramble can be hard as nails! And often terrifying in the wet…In truth a grade 3 can be open to debate. As it’s a fine line between a Scramble and a Rock Climb. That said there are some superb grade 3 Scrambles. For example: Pinnacle Ridge in the Lake District, Parts of the Cuillin Ridge on Skye, and Dolmen Ridge in Ogwen Wales.

Grading Explanation Chart

Grade Description
1 Fairly straightforward for most experienced hill walkers. It may be necessary to use the hands occasionally but holds will normally be large and the exposure not too off-putting
2 It will be necessary to use hands for more sustained stretches. Exposure may be significant and retreat may be difficult.
3 Advanced scrambles. This may involve making moves on steep rock in very exposed situations and some people may prefer the protection of a rope in places. Occasional moves of ‘moderate’ rock climbing standard may be required. The ability to abseil may be useful if a retreat is made.
3(S) Some guide books use the 3(S) grade to indicate scrambles which are particularly serious, whether because of difficulty, exposure, or poor rock. All but the most experienced and competent would use a rope on these climbs.


Above all we guarantee ALL our days. We believe we are the best at what we do. All our instructors are very experienced and highly qualified. All will hold the highest qualifications, meaning you’re always in the best of hands and In brief you will come away gaining hill skills and additional mountain knowledge after being with us.


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walking along striding edge scrambling for beginners course lake district

Scrambling for Beginners Course

In addition to our Scrambling days, we offer a scrambling for beginners course. This is aimed at people who are new to the sport. That said it also includes people who may have touched on scrambling before. For example you may have scrambled Striding Edge, or maybe Crib Goch and would like to do more but don’t know where to start?

We will be moving around the grade 1/2 scrambling territory on our scrambling for beginners course. Thus giving you the chance to hopefully stretch yourself, whilst still being able to learn and feel in control.

What does the course cover?

The course looks at the following:

  • Kit needed
  • Grades / how to they differ?
  • Guide book knowledge
  • Finding the route
  • Intro on navigation
  • When do i need a rope?
  • Intro to rope work & safeguarding each other
  • Technique used when scrambling
  • Mountain knowledge & scrambling know how
  • What if’s?




A £50 deposit books a place. Either by the PayPal button, or give us a call.

Prices quoted are per person. Fee includes guide rate, and kit hire:

1 person: £170

2 persons: £90

3 persons: £80

4 persons: 70

5 persons: £60

* Max persons for this courser is 5 persons. Anymore an additional instructor will be needed.

client on a scrambling techniques course

Scrambling techniques course

Our scrambling techniques course is aimed at people looking to progress to the next level when it comes to their own scrambling.

Therefore we will be moving on grade 2/3 scrambling ground. As a result we will look at when and how to use the rope to safe guard this type of terrain. Grades 2/3 can be tricky so the use of a few pieces of climbing equipment will also be used and explained throughout our day.

What does the course cover?

  • Kit needed for steeper ground
  • When to use the rope
  • Getting to the scramble/Gearing up
  • Rope techniques used on grade 2/3 ground
  • Advanced movement techniques
  • Intro to short roping style
  • Body position, and it’s benefits
  • Direct and in-direct belaying
  • Retreating
  • Lowering
  • Plus additional ‘real life’ information




A £50 deposit books a place. Either by the PayPal button, or give us a call.

Prices quoted are per person. Fee includes guide rate, and kit hire:

1 person: £180

2 persons: £90

* Max persons for this day is on a 1-2 basis.


‘Climb the mountains and get their good tidings’ ”John Muir