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November 2021

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navigation training

November 2021 – Navigation Training, Canoeing & ow no…



Sorry, a blatant plug here… Don’t forget we sell Gift Vouchers for any of our activities. A half/full day, or even multiple days can be purchased. And remember if you’ve been with Rock n Ridge before then we will look after you price wise!

We can also send you a PDF that is easily printed off and made into, or put into a card to be given at Christmas time or whatever the occasion.

Gift Vouchers: Here

Navigation Training.

Well November started off well. Kicked off with some navigation training. Navigation is one of those skills that can take awhile to get the hang of, and then as is most things you can still refine and tweak 20 years on.

I remember learning myself – and being on the receiving end of some navigation training. I remember thinking it’s like voodoo, or black magic! How does it work, finding and locating a pinpoint of a blade of grass on an ordnance survey map?! And then through practice and having a ‘tool box’ of navigation techniques at your fingertips you can pull out and use at your disposal is pretty cool. Similar to all outdoor skills, you use what’s in your toolbox (a climber and their knots for example) at a chosen and preferred time.

Break it down

When you’re teaching a day or day’s navigation training, you have to be careful not to overload someone especially if this is brand new. It can be overwhelming at first, but hopefully through the years of doing this I chop it up as if you were to eat an elephant. Not they I have by the way, as their tusks would get caught in your teeth…and I love elephants 😉 ow and I’m pescetarian.


Where were we..? Ahh yes November started good. There was the first river of the season completed. After all October/November is the start of the paddling season. Rivers go up, fishing rights are mostly off (had a fair share of angry fisherman just waiting to complain as you carefully meander by) Canoeing has transferable skills similar to navigation training. For a start you really need to plan your trip on an ordnance survey map. This helps obviously on where you are heading. But more importantly what to expect. For example, drops in elevation, sharp bends in the river, waterfalls and the canoeists dread…weirs. Which often have sharp spikes hidden under the water waiting for a tired and not paying much attention kayaker/canoeist!

Alright Cocker?!

The river Cocker is a 9km trip that runs from the bottom of Crummock water and terminates at Southwaite weir – is runnable funnily enough. The river carries on though into another days paddling but this is where I was planning to end. As the main problem is how do you get back to the car once you’ve finished? I now combine two activities into one and stash a bike at the finish and then it’s normally an enjoyable ride back to the start. But, but just remember especially at the start of the paddling season, to bring your bike lock keys with you in your canoe…doh!! Off I set with fading light after quickly checking the map for the quickest route back to the car – Just like navigation training again!

On yer bike…oops!

Luckily I hitched and managed to get two lifts back each bringing me nearer to the start. I actually forgot about hitching thinking ‘hmm not sure a bloke on his own will get picked up’ maybe it was the bare leg that put people off…but being in remote Cumbria and like minded outdoorsy type people passing it was pretty straightforward, and a nice nod to kindness in humans. Which with our busy day-to-day lives we can brush over or lose faith in. So all told a pretty enjoyable start to November but…

Ow no!

What does yours say? What does the line mean? Yes we tested positive for Covid. Since the outbreak first came to light, myself and my partner Becks have been super careful. We never socialise in big groups, I obviously work in the outdoors so plenty of space, and Becks teaches Yoga and Pilates, mostly online especially through the lockdown. But has a well-ventilated studio.

That said it’s here, and around us all from day to day. It laid me low for a good 12 days, Becks came off lighter than I did, but was left with a dry cough.

I decided to take it easy and not do any activities for at least three weeks, after all from what I have read and heard from friends it can still linger and when you think your right boom! It sets you back again.

The first day on the hill again was pretty special and I was apprehensive to see how much fitness I had, or I had lost. Luckily most of it was in my mind and all things considered felt strong and fit.


Navigation techniques: Here 

Nice little vid of some guys paddling the Cocker: Here

Adventure Days Out/Exploration Holidays

Lake district activities adventure days out 

adventure days out exploration holidays

Adventure Days Out

These are just as they sound. A day of Lake District activities and adventure! A truly memorable day.

Firstly you get to choose from two activities for your adventure day out. There is a list below showing the activities on offer, and some popular combos that work. Secondly you don’t have to be super fit or an athlete to do them! We can tone it down, or step it up depending on your ability, wants and fitness levels.


Exploration Holidays


Similar to our adventure days out, our exploration holidays cater for people who prefer a package put together for them whilst on their holidays. Some examples of these have been listed below. Therefore this is a fantastic way to experience the Lakes. Besides tackling some of our Lake District activities, you also get a chance to see the Lake District sights too, at a more leisurely pace. We offer a two, three or four day package depending on your budget and length of stay. likewise, in addition, therefor firstly, secondly, thirdly, 

Check out our promo video to give you an idea of the sort of activities we offer. Firstly we want you to have a great time whilst with us. Secondly all our packages will be tailored to your families, or groups ability levels. It’s challenge by choice, not by force!

“Adventure Days out are ideally suited for families, and groups of friends, looking for outdoor activities whilst visiting the Lake District”

Adventure Days Out


Combining two adventurous activities into one day. Our adventure days out are a must for those who want to maximise their time whilst visiting the Lakes.

Ideas: adventure days out

Here are a few combinations that are tried and tested. Of course we can offer a degree of flexibility and some of the activities can be changed around depending on what you prefer.



Scrambling & Gorge walking/Or Canyoning. See our page for more details on Canyoning. Here.


Rock Climbing & Abseiling. Rock Climbing info Here.


*Via Ferrata – Indoors & Rock Climbing. Adventure days out classic combo! See our links section for more Via Ferrata information.

Fourth  fourth

Canoeing on Lake Windermere – Scrambling in the Lake District.

***Open Canoeing on Windermere & Rock Climbing.


Adventure Days Out locations:

Our adventure days out, similarly to our exploration holidays, can be run from all over the Lake District. The exceptions to this are the Open Canoeing where we hire boats from Windermere and so we canoe there. The indoor Via Ferrata is held at Kendal wall. This makes a great idea for wet weather days.

Likewise the outdoor Via Ferrata, is held up at Keswick – Honister slate mines and we have the option of a dry session or an outside session. See the links below for further information.


Useful Links:

What is Via Ferrata –  Here.

Also Kendal Wall Via Ferrata info –   Here.

Adventure Days Out Prices:

The prices include any 2 activities, but excludes Via Ferrata at Honister slate mines Keswick. Includes Kendal Wall’s Via Ferrata. If Open Boating there is an additional charge of £25 per boat. The boats can hold 3 persons, but most people prefer a boat with 2 people in.

Prices are per person:

  • £190.00
  • £95.00
  • £90.00
  • £85.00
  • £80.00
  • £70.00

Larger groups than 6 – That’s fine get in touch.

* Doesn’t include Kendal Wall Via Ferrata fee.

Adventure Days Out Prices:

Any 2 activities including Honister Via Ferrata. Prices include equipment for the session.

  • £210.00
  • £110.00
  • £95.00
  • £90.00
  • £85.00
  • £80.00

Larger groups than 6 – That’s fine get in touch.

Exclusions for Via Ferrata:

* Via Ferrata at Kendal Wall participants must be aged 11 years or over. Entrance fee of £22 is not included in the price. There will be some paperwork to fill in before we can begin – wall’s policy – A few days booking in advance is always best so get in touch.

You must be 1.3m tall and 10 years or above to participate.  

*** Open Canoeing there is a boat hire charge of £25 per boat. The boats can hold 3 persons, but most people prefer a boat with 2 people in, as the middle person has to sit on the floor or the centre thwart.

“Our Exploration Holidays are a great way to see the Lakes. Let us help plan your trip, and work with you to experience the best the Lake District has to offer” 

Exploration Holidays

In addition to our adventure days out, which are great for a one-day hit. Our exploration holiday’s gives you chance to have your days planned for you by us across the duration of your stay. Below we have some examples, besides what’s listed below this is by no means comprehensive and can be adapted to suit your needs and what you would like to see and do whilst visiting the Lake District.

*N.B. A quick note. Whilst showing you the ‘rarer’ sights of the Lake District, we try and feather in some activities for you to try and take part in. Indeed, like all our activities it’s a challenge by choice not by force policy. So if it doesn’t float your boat – no pun intended – then it can be missed out altogether for something different. Or likewise an alternative activity can be exchanged in its place.


On the whole most people drive their own transport to get to the various locations. That said there is an option to book transport with us for your trip, and be chauffeured around the locations and activities. This is suited to people who may not have transport, and or would prefer the whole trip to be planned and organised for them.

Prices vary from season to season so get in touch in advance and we will find the most competitive rates of hire for your trip.

Group Size:

Below the packages shows pricing for a group up to 5 persons. Additionally larger groups can be accommodated please get in touch beforehand to chat about how many people you would like to attend.


Living in the Lake District for the past two decades, we have built up knowledge of ideas where to stay. This can be anything from hotels, guesthouses B&B’s and camping spots. Alternatively we have a bunk barn that we can hire, which we use to run some of our activities from. This would suit people on a budget with larger groups. More information can be found here.

Exploration Holidays Prices:

Prices are per person

Includes guide and equipment for activities.

Excludes lunches, entrance fees and ferry crossings.

2 Day Exploration Holiday Package:

1:1 – £360.00

1:2 – £180.00

1:3 – £150.00

1:4 -£120.00

1:5 -£100.00

Packed lunch can be included for £6 per head. A hearty lunch!


3 Day Exploration Holiday Package

Prices are per person:

Includes guide and equipment for activities.

Excludes lunches, entrance fees and ferry crossings.

1:1 – £520.00

1:2 – £270.00

1:3 – £240.00

1:4 – £210.00

1:5 – £168.00

Packed lunch can be included for £6 per head. A hearty lunch!


4 Day Exploration Holiday package

Prices are per person:

Includes guide and equipment for all activities.

Excludes lunches, entrance fees and ferry crossings.

4-day package:

1:1 – £680.00

1:2 – £350.00

1:3 – £330.00

1:4 – £280.00

1:5 -£225.00

Below is a sample itinerary. These are not fixed and can be changed to suit your needs and what you would like to see whilst visiting the Lakes.

2- Day Exploration Holidays Package

Firstly we start by getting high up which is the best place to see the Lakes. Crossing over the classic Lake District’s highest passes, Wyrnose and Hardknott to take in the breath taking views. Many people come to the Lakes just to see this. But few know where the best places to stop are. The Romans inhabited this area and the old ruins can still be seen even today. adventure days out

Equally there is a fabulous view point to look back on the 2 passes. We can either choose to walk or for the adventurous, an easy graded scramble leads to the top. The height has already been achieved by the drive so this is a ‘cheats’ way to bag a fine summit!

Time for lunch:

We will drop down to the local pub for a bite to eat and look back on where we have come from. A packed lunch can be catered for, or you can bring your own.

What’s next?

After lunch continuing on your exploration holiday, we will move onto a choice of rock climbing or some hiking. Here we will show you exactly what to do, whereby you will be in the safest of hands throughout your experience.

Or for those wanting something a little less energetic, a guided gentle walk into some of the Lake District’s finest scenery. Weather permitting a ‘wild swim’ can be had in some wilderness pools!

Day 2 – Following on from day one, today we visit the unique area of Cathedral Quarry. Of course no trip of this would be complete if we didn’t explore, after all this is your exploration holiday! The secret tunnels and the history of the place will be shown to you. In addition to this, we will do an abseil from the quarry’s lip. This is a famous spot for this and it would be rude not too! in fa ct of course


Again like day one, we will eat out at a place that we recommend. If preferred you can bring a packed lunch (can be made for you as well) and eat at one of the beautiful locations that we’ll be visiting throughout your day? adventure days out

In the afternoon:

Whilst we are in that area, no trip to the Lakes would be complete without a trip down to Tarn Hows and Coniston Water. A gentle stroll round Tarn Hows and a visit to the shores of Coniston water ends a truly memorable day.


3 – Day Exploration Holidays Package

Following on from our 2-day exploration holiday’s package. We kick off with a gentle stroll up to a high viewpoint overlooking lake Windermere. If you’re ticking your Wainwright’s, then you can add this to your achievements?! Below us you’ll be able to see the majestic waters of this beautiful lake. Afterwards we will then get down to lake level, and experience the Lakes by Canoeing on them.

Full instruction will be given on how to manoeuvre the boat. And the trip will last about 1.5/2 hours.


Again lunch can either be a classic pub stop off, or a prepared packed lunch by you or us.


From lake Windermere we visit the famous Kirkstone Pass, which has the highest pub in the Lake District. From here we drop down to catch the ferry on Ullswater, which takes us to the beautiful spot of Aira Force. After looking round and exploring, we’ll walk back to the cars taking in the stunning views.


 4 – Day Exploration Holidays Package

Our four day exploration holiday package carries on and builds on from our 3-day package. A quick recap of what you will have done and seen. So far you will have explored and ticked the following:

  • Experienced the ‘classic’ Lakes passes
  • Conquered the rock & learnt to scramble
  • Explored & experienced some of the Lakes best pubs
  • Delved deep in the secret tunnels!
  • Abseiled
  • Visited the best of the Lake District’s lakes and tarns
  • Achieved summits and ticked Wainwright/s peaks
  • Canoed on lake Windermere
  • Ticked off some of the best attractions in the Lake District. And more!

Exploration Holidays benefits:

  • Save time on the ‘faff’ of finding places and knowing where to go by having an experienced local outdoor guide with you.
  • Learn interesting facts whilst you explore.
  • Got off the beaten track/tourist routes.
  • Bespoke trips and itinerary flexibility options available.
  • Friendly, outgoing, and experienced guide along with you.Day 4 can be left open and discussed on how you and your group are feeling. Maybe it will be more of a sight seeing day, or likewise you may fancy some adrenaline based Lake District activities. The choice is yours.

Who’s this for?

The above itinerary is a sample of what’s on offer. In addition to the packages above which would suit people who have a base line – moderate level of fitness and are keen for an active, but equally take in some sights along the way, on their exploration holiday. therefore, likewise 

Equally we can add more or less adrenaline to the day/s. And for some, they may want more activities planned. Therefore if this is the case the itinerary can be tweaked and adjusted to suit you or your party. Of course we can work with you on this, and offer advice for your planned vacation, to give you a truly memorable experience.



“Great adventures for all, in the Lake District national park”