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outdoor activities

Mountain Guiding – Navigation – Alpine Training – Abseiling – Rock Climbing   – Learn to lead on rock  – Rope work – Scrambling days – Via Ferrata – Family Days – Canoeing – Lake District rock climbing – Winter skills – Expeditions – Wild Camping 

Outdoor Activities

“Guiding, Leading and Instructing people in the outdoor environment is what we do”

Mountain guiding throughout the mountains of the UK, and Europe.

Catering for individuals, groups and families we have something for everybody. Our Adventure Day packages are perfect for families and groups of friends to get involved with when visiting the Lake District. Here we have combined 3/4 activities into one full day package! This means you get to sample some of the best bits the outdoors has to offer.

Alternatively you may be wanting to learn how to Rock Climb, or maybe your a total beginner and don’t know where to begin? Abseiling is an exciting activity, why not give it a go?

We hold the highest qualifications in the world when it comes to mountain guiding, so rest assured you are in the best of hands.

For a fun day, apart from our Adventure Day packages, we offer combined activities. For example you may want to try Gorge/Canyon scrambling in the morning, then Abseiling in the afternoon? There are lot’s of mix and match activity combinations available.

Specialising in a range of outdoor activities, Rock n Ridge offers Outdoor Training days to suit what you’re looking for. Whether you’re wanting mountain guiding walking, or some rock climbing in the Lake District, then we have it covered.

Activities include

  • Mountain Guiding summer and winter
  • Rock Climbing
  • Rock Climbing – Learn to lead
  • Scrambling
  • Winter mountaineering
  • Winter skills
  • Alpine Training – UK
  • Navigation
  • Ghyll/canyoning – scrambling
  • Via Ferrata
  • Canoeing
  • Bespoke Trips


  • A great day out
  • Increase your knowledge
  • More confident in the outdoors
  • Get healthy, fit and increase stamina
  • Gives you drive and focus
  • Well being
  • Mental relaxation


Benefits of Climbing and Hillwalking

BMC – Abseiling 

AMI – Association of Mountaineering Instructors – About

Ghyll scrambling – About

Please see below a list of the activities and courses we operate. If there is something that is not specifically on the list, then feel free to get in touch to discuss.


Outdoor Activities – Scrambling

This is steep ground but not steep enough to be classed as true “rock climbing”.

Scrambles are usually put into three grades, grade 1 being the easiest, going through to grade 3. Therefore anything after is classed as a rock climb. Generally the sort of ground where you will have to use your hands to ascend and descend, and on some of the harder scrambles require the use of a rope. This really is a great way to explore the mountains via a more ‘hands on’ approach. Most climberswill have started their rock climbing career walking, then scrambling then rock climbing….a natural progression. Some examples of a days scrambling include; Sharp Edge on Blencathra; North ridge of Tryfan in Wales, the Cullin ridge on Skye-Scotland, and Commando ridge in Devon.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Whether it’s your first time on rock or maybe you are already a competent climber looking for some coaching or wanting to push your grade, we have a day and venue to suit.

The lake district is blessed with many different crags offering both single pitch & multi pitch climbing, in an atmospheric setting.

Most of these courses can be run from anywhere in the UK. If you would like to climb elsewhere then let me know. Maybe it’s a specific climb you would like to do, or maybe Wales is more convienient for you, whatever we can factor it in.

Please see our dedicated Rock Climbing page for more detailed information.



If you’ve never tried, or you may have done this activity already and just want another go?! Then abseiling is one of those thrills that really does push you into your stretch zone. For some it’s just a huge breath and don’t look down! For others it’s a case of building the courage to take that step over the edge! We have decades of doing this so will be close to hand to offer support and encouragement if you need it.

Winter Skills/Mountaineering

Winter Skills:

Winter is a fantastic time to get out and about in the hills, but opens up far more challenges than summer walking does. This day would be perfect for those not wanting the stress of navigating and planning a route in the winter, but would like to head out to the hills when the white stuff is about.


Outdoor Activities – Navigation

The day looks at essential skills needed to navigate properly round the UK hills and fells. We aim it at your ability and aims, and look at essential skills like – map orientation, compass bearings, timings, pacings, tick off features, contour interpretation and relocation.



Ghyll and what?! There the same thing, apart from ghyll walking or scrambling you go up the flow of the water. Canyoneering you come down the flow of the water.

These are fun sessions and will take a half day so can be combined with another activity. we tailor the Ghyll’s to your needs and ability of the group. Therefore you will always find it challenging but not that challenging that you can’t achieve it.

About Ghyll/Canyon scrambling.

Via Ferrata – UK

Outdoor Activities – Via Ferrata

A half day or full day activity, can be indoors or outdoors. Europe have had Via Ferratas going back to the World War. First used to move troops and ammunitions around the mountain, now used as a sport in itself to get around the mountains quickly and safely. It use to be called the ‘Iron Way’ this is the iron cable that runs up the mountain for our safety. A great day out, and a must if you’ve never tried it.

Cuillin Ridge Traverse


Normally taking 4/5 days to include driving to Skye, sorting/dropping kit off on the ridge and a day looking at the skills needed to negotiate this classic UK ridge scramble.

Alpine Training – UK

Alpine Courses:

Thinking of heading out to the Alps? Then booking onto an Alpine Training course is the right plan of attack.

These can be one or multiple days to suit you, covering the essential skills needed to move and operate in an Alpine environment.


Outdoor Activities – Canoeing

Canadian Canoeing, or Open Boating as it’s sometimes referred to, is simply stunning. A great way to get eye level with nature, and to contemplate what’s really important.

We have combined this as an activity on one of our Adventure Daypackages, alternatively it can be done as a half days activity. We use either the stunning Lake Windermere (South Lake District) or Derwent water (Keswick – North Lake District) Depending on the weather the Canoes may be rafted together, or taken out on their own.

Wild Camping / Bothying

Wild Camping:

Wild Camping and Bothy what?! Although this is self explanatory. We camp in the wild, as one with nature and generally by a mountain stream. But were on our own and not surrounded by others in a camp site. A Bothy. (check the link for further information) Is a remote house or building that is free to sleep in, again away from others and civilisation. They usually have an open fire and means you don’t have to carry a tent on your back for accommodation. Either or can be used depending on your plans and goals.

“Never under estimate the power of the mountains”


Paul Bedford – Rock n Ridge Business Owner


Mountain Guiding/Outdoor Activities 

I decided to start my own mountain guiding business back in 2003. Albeit it was under a different name then, the ideas were the same. I wanted to provide fun, adventurous and exciting outdoor activities to all. As equally important is to be able to share my passion and knowledge with others when they come on to one of our days/courses. In addition they can take away and put the learning into their own adventures later. And of course, one if not the main reason…Have a blast whilst doing this! After all if you don’t enjoy your job, there ain’t no point in doing it. firstly, secondly 

After friends and colleagues kept telling me to ‘just do it’ I, after many years of deliberation, decided to go full time back in 2017, and haven’t looked back since.


I qualified to be a Mountain Instructor and a full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) back in 2010, and became a Winter Mountain Leader in 2014. The qualifications are vital to ensure people’s safety and well being whilst out mountain guiding. That said and I’m strong believer in this that it takes years before and after the qualifications have finished, to actually gain the ‘Mountain experience’ necessary to guide people safely in the hills. In 2018 I joined the Patagonia and Black Diamond pro scheme, and wear and endorse both brands of clothing and equipment. And for many years have been a friend and advocate for Pacerpoles. A local company based in Windermere that after using every other possible brand of trekking poles in the business over many years, have found these to be the best. 

Mountains: outdoor activities

The question I often get when I’m out is ‘how long have I climbed/mountaineered for’?  Well my earliest recollection of that is being about six years old carrying a rucksack all the way around the shores of lake Buttermere. Apparently I wouldn’t give it up or put it down all day. A determination that has carried on throughout my adult life. The Rock Climbing came about when I was at school, but then picked it back up when I was about 18. A guy there was keen on climbing and we paired up and had many adventures together in the Lakes, Snowdonia and Scotland. Sharing many epics together (makes you stronger and builds your ‘Mountain experience’) From here the next challenge was the Alps, and then later on the Himalayas.

Never stop…

Tick lists featured later on in my mountaineering career, and I went on to complete the Wainwrights round twice, and the whole of the Classic Rock ticks, and half of the Hard Rock climbs. I’m slowly bagging the Munros, although it never started that way, (that’s what they all say!) And there’s always a peak or a rock face that catches my eye

I’m also a member of the Patagonia and Black Diamond pro scheme, and work closely with the founder and designer of Pacerpoles. The only walking pole in the business that actually pushes you further, faster as well as putting less strain on your joints when you walk.

Outdoor Activities

Below is a list of tome of the outdoor activities that we offer. This is not inclusive but covers the most popular outdoor activities.

Mountain Guiding outdoor activities

As the name suggests, we offer guided hiking/mountaineering anywhere in the UK, and Europe. This covers mountains like Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis, and Mont Blanc. We can organise and climb any mountain you fancy. See here for more info.


Covers the ground between hiking and pure Rock Climbing. We offer one to four day Scrambling courses, anywhere throughout the UK. See here for more info.

Rock Climbing outdoor activities

Beginners through to seasoned climbers we cover it all. From mountain cliffs to sea cliffs, single and multi pitch we offer something for everyone. From one to one to groups of 20+ See here for more info.

Ghyll/Gorge Walking & Canyoning

This sport has increased in popularity over the years. Different than Coasteering as it’s not done in the ocean. It’s similar though as you put a wetsuit on and either go down with the water course, or up it. This is either Canyoning or Ghyll/Gorge walking. See here for more info.

Alpine Training

We train people on skills needed when going out to the Alps or further a field. We have provided training over the years for people wanting rope work and mountain guiding skills and know how heading for the Alps, and the Himalayas. Fixed ropes, what kit to carry and crevasse rescue are some of the topics taught. See here for more info.

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