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Sport climbing

Sport Climbing Course


Come and learn Sport climbing, on one of our Sport climbing courses. We will show you the correct ways regarding how to sport climb.

Firstly our courses are aimed at total novices to the sport through to intermediate sport climbers who want to push their grade.

The right foot

Starting off on the right foot, is essential when it comes to any form of rock climbing. Therefore we will show you what you need to know when going sport climbing.

How to Sport climb

A sport climbing course is very different to one of our traditional Rock Climbing courses – see here. In many ways with sport climbing, it’s a safer experience. This is because the rock protection has already been pre placed for you in the form of bolts. Of course there is definitely an element of safety still required, but you placing rock protection is not necessary so just leaves you to clip climb and enjoy!

Course Content:

This is not an extensive list and can be adapted to your needs and experience:

  • The equipment – What do I need?
  • Guide books and picking lines
  • Ropes and rope length
  • Quickdraws explained
  • A intro about the different types of bolts we may find
  • Climbing abroad
  • Making safe at the top – Various methods
  • Clipping correctly and incorrectly
  • Retreating
  • Clip sticks
  • Climbing technique
  • Moving up through the grades
  • Projects/routes that are beyond me
  • Falling off/Taking flight!
  • Holding a fall/techniques used
  • And much more!

Learning how to sport climb of course can be done without an instructor. But the learning that is achieved in one of our two day sport climbing courses, can progress your sport climbing years ahead of where it would have been if you had gone out and learnt yourself or from the *Internet. Afterwards you will come away with confidence and the ability to rock up (no pun intended) to any sport climbing crag and get stuck in.

*Bear in mind because it is on the Internet doesn’t mean it’s correct! There are a few ‘how to sport climb’ videos out there, some are pretty worrying to say the least.



Based in the Lake District means that we are on the doorstep to some pretty good crags. For instance we can head into the Lakes and climb in one of the quarry’s. Alternatively a short drive brings us into Yorkshire where there is a plethora of sport climbing venues.

On the other hand if you are looking for something closer to where you live, then we can run our sport climbing course from Scotland, Wales and further afield if required.


Two day sport climbing course – How to sport climb.

Prices are per person and a 1:4 max instructor ratio:

1:1 – £360

1:2 – £190

1:3 – £140

1:4 – £100


Sport Climbing Olympics: Here

Where to go Sport Climbing: Here – Very Welsh biased 😉

Climbing Tips: Here





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‘Climb the mountains and get their good tidings’ ”John Muir