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Winter Climbing Courses

winter climbing courses

Winter Climbing Courses


Firstly our winter climbing courses and or days, are pitched at the novice winter climber wanting their first taste of winter climbing. Through to seasoned winter climbers, looking to be guided up a classic climb/route.

These days run predominantly from Scotland but likewise can be run from the Lake District when conditions arrive.

UK for winter climbing is totally unique in the fact that the changing weather conditions means that no 2 days are the same! Soft powder, Steep ice, and mixed terrain can be encountered in a single day.

We choose the grade for you’re ability, and give you the appropriate instruction to get you to the top. Under your own steam of course. Depending on what you’re needs and interests are, we’ll tailor the day and structure it accordingly.

Below is a list of some of the topics covered; this is by no means extensive.

Main Topics covered:

Movement on various terrain types

Using 2 axes

Leashes or no leashes?

Equipment used

Placing/taking out equipment

Ice screws

Belays and construction

Stance management

Using double and single ropes



Snow bollards/belays

Emergency procedures

Winter climbing leading: winter climbing courses

We can also introduce winter lead climbing to people wanting to progress and take it to the next level. This is a big step, and having a qualified and experienced instructor to hand is essential, as well as comforting. Having someone at the side of you whilst your leading can really propel you to the next stage in you’re winter climbing career. Help choosing the correct route line, as well as what and when to place gear is essential.

The instructor will assess you’re ability and decide on the day if you are ready to winter lead climb. It may be that you want to, but on the day doesn’t feel right. If this is the case, no problem the instructor will take the reigns and give you a fantastic and memorable day.

Don’t forget if winter climbing isn’t what you’re looking for? We run our winter skills courses. See here for more information. And we also provide guided winter walking day? See here.

Below is a list of some of the most popular winter climbs – We also offer these on our – winter climbing courses:

Winter climbs: winter climbing courses

Aonach Eagach – Glencoe

Tower Ridge – Ben Nevis

Ledge Route – Ben Nevis

Point 5 Gully – Ben Nevis

North Gully – Lurcher’s crag

Raeburn’s Gully – Lochnagar

Taxus – Beinn an Dothaidh

Golden Oldy – Aonach Mor

Our winter climbing courses are physically demanding. Most of the time the walk in is long and often hard going. Therefore a reasonable degree of fitness is required. Of course you may be a racing snake already, well that’s great! But you should be hovering around top end of our bronze, and the start of our silver fitness ratings before embarking. See here.


Equipment can be hired in advance. Ice axe and crampons. We can also hire winter crampon compatible winter climbing boots (B3 rated) out for a small daily fee. The prices shown are for the duration of your chosen course – So if your booking for 3 days this is the only price to pay. 

  • Crampons – £10.00
  • Ice axe – £10.00
  • B2 boots – £20
  • Our ‘Trio’ package – All 3 above – £35


The climbing winter period runs from  December – March. Therefore these months are the most reliable for snow and ice. That said it officially kicks off in January as December can sometimes just be getting going and can be wetter.


The price is per person per day. Our winter climbing days are run with a maximum of 1:2 clients per instructor.

1-1 – £220

1-2 – £120


A £50 deposit is required to book a place. See our Contact and Pricing page for more details.

For larger groups more than 2 persons please get in touch for pricing.

*The prices does not include kit hire. A selection of B2/B3 boots and crampons/ice axes can be hired.


Further reading:

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