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lake district wild camping 

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April 2021

So April saw a few Lake District wild camping adventures! Douglas wanted to go out into the wilderness and hone and learn the wild camping craft.

Luckily the weather was fine and kind for him (which always helps anytime, but especially your first time)

Fill those gaps!

We first looked at the number one priority of packing a bag. This you may be rolling your eyes at, but believe me it’s an art form! And can be refined over many years. In a nutshell, the more you bring the heavier your bag will be…and make sure you fill the gaps! So spare socks and gloves/hat can be stored away in the gaps to save space.

Our Lake District wild camping trips will teach you everything from the basics, and top tips and tricks for seasoned veterans alike. There is so much to cover, topics like where to camp, what to take, food and nutrition, hydration, navigation (massive subject!) weather, planning your trip, and so much more. In fact Douglas couldn’t believe how much there was to learn and how much extra knowledge he went away with.

After the trip he kindly wrote his own blog post about the trip and I guess that inspired me to start mine. Likewise, this is something I have wanted to do since starting an outdoor business way back in 2003. So a big thanks to Douglas for the article and letting me sharing it with you here:

Part 1: Here 

Part 2: Here 


I had decided to head to the remote and beautiful area of Brotherilkeld, and walk in past the river Esk to our wild camp of Great Moss. I’ve camped here many times in the past, mainly for a suitable base to climb on the impressive and towering Esk buttress. Ticking many routes over the years such as Central Buttress, Red Edge, Gargoyle’s Wall, Medusa Wall and many other classic lines.

Today though wasn’t about Rock climbing, it was to learn what to do whilst Lake District wild camping.

Our packages include a 1.5-day and for those wanting to stay out longer, then a 2.5-day package. Douglas had sensibly opted for our 1.5-day package to get use to things, and this gives a great taste of what it’s all about.

After the walk in, I usually like not to go miles and miles especially as the load is often quite heavy and for a newbie it can be a bit much. So an approximate distance of 3-5 km’s are covered before pitching the tents.


A note on tents, for all our Lake District wild camping trips, we use the trusted Terra Nova tents. A bombproof tent designed in the UK. I have used these exclusively for the past ooh 20+ years and not only have I found them to be reliable, but great customer service too.


The evening was spent cooking and chatting and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Sadly we didn’t make the summit of Scafell (A much less frequented and more interesting mountain than it’s neighbour Scafell Pike) but the hike up and back down meant we got some bonus ‘higher’ views.

And then…

The night was a still one although chilly. Douglas had opted for a slightly thicker sleeping bag, whereas I packed my ultra light mountain bag. Pros and cons with this. Lightweight and great pack size, but I need to wear clothes whilst sleeping in it.

Morning came and we were awake early, a cup of tea for me and coffee for Douglas was needed to get the day going.

After a leisurely pack down, and some meditation we slowly walked out back down to the valley floor.


Any trip is possible, and our trips don’t just cover Lake District wild camping. We run trips in Wales, and Scotland too. Get in touch for more information and to have a chat.

Our Wild Camping page: Here

Terra Nova: Here 

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